Girl Name Q

Meaning – Wife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda, daughter of Amr al-Kufiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith who quoted Sayyidina Ayshah (R.A)

Qameer In Arabic :قمير
Qameer In Urdu :قمیر
Qameer In Hindi :कामीर
Qameer In Bangla :কামীর

Meaning – Small bridge.

Qantara In Arabic :قنطرة
Qantara In Urdu :قنطارا
Qantara In Hindi :कांतारा
Qantara In Bangla :কান্তারা

Meaning – Cloudlet, A kind lady of the Hijaz had this name.

Qaraah In Arabic :قراه
Qaraah In Urdu :قراه
Qaraah In Hindi :कराह
Qaraah In Bangla :কারাহ

Meaning – Qareen is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means friend, companion.

Qareen In Arabic :قرين
Qareen In Urdu :قرین
Qareen In Hindi :करें
Qareen In Bangla :কারীন

Meaning – Qarirah is an Arabic name for girls that means calm, serene. It also means happy, full of joy.

Qarirah In Arabic :قريرة
Qarirah In Urdu :قریرہ
Qarirah In Hindi :करिरह
Qarirah In Bangla :কারিরাহ

Meaning – One who plays at flute, flutist.

Qasiba In Arabic :قصبة
Qasiba In Urdu :قصبہ
Qasiba In Hindi :क़स्बा
Qasiba In Bangla :কাসিবা

Meaning – Light.

Qindeel In Arabic :قنديل
Qindeel In Urdu :قندیل
Qindeel In Hindi :किंदील
Qindeel In Bangla :কিন্ডেল

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