Girl Name P

Meaning – Pure

Pakeezah In Arabic :بكيزه
Pakeezah In Urdu :پاکیزہ
Pakeezah In Hindi :पाकीज़ह
Pakeezah In Bangla :পাকিজাহ

Meaning – Light Ray of Moon.

Palwasha In Arabic :بعلوشة
Palwasha In Urdu :پلواشہ
Palwasha In Hindi :पालवश
Palwasha In Bangla :পালবাসা

Meaning – Leaf.

Panra In Arabic :بنر
Panra In Urdu :پںرہ
Panra In Hindi :पंरा
Panra In Bangla :পানরা

Meaning – Parang is a Persian name for girls that means gleam of a sword, gleam of a jewel, figuratively meaning beautiful and radiant.

Parang In Arabic :برانج
Parang In Urdu :پرنگ
Parang In Hindi :पारंग
Parang In Bangla :পারাং

Meaning – Paransa is a Persian name for girls that means silk-like, figuratively meaning beautiful, soft.

Paransa In Arabic :برنسة
Paransa In Urdu :پرانسا
Paransa In Hindi :परसा
Paransa In Bangla :পারানসা

Meaning – Fairy

Paree In Arabic :بري
Paree In Urdu :پڑے
Paree In Hindi :पारी
Paree In Bangla :পারী

Meaning – Like a fairy

Pareesa In Arabic :باريس
Pareesa In Urdu :پریسا
Pareesa In Hindi :परीसा
Pareesa In Bangla :পারিসা

Meaning – Golden

Pazia In Arabic :بزي
Pazia In Urdu :پزا
Pazia In Hindi :पॉज़िए
Pazia In Bangla :পাজিয়া

Meaning – Piruza is a Persian name for girls that refers to a precious stone known as turquoise in English.

Piruza In Arabic :برزة
Piruza In Urdu :پرزہ
Piruza In Hindi :पीरज़ा
Piruza In Bangla :পিরুজা

Meaning – Filled with light, very bright”. It is one of the finest Muslim names that parents love to give as a lifetime identity to their Girl.

Purnoor In Arabic :بورنور
Purnoor In Urdu :پرنور
Purnoor In Hindi :पुरनूर
Purnoor In Bangla :পুরনূর

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