Girl Name O

Meaning – Tent

Ohelah In Arabic :أهله
Ohelah In Urdu :اھلہ
Ohelah In Hindi :ोहेलाह
Ohelah In Bangla :অহেলাহ

Meaning – Light, sunshine

Ojala In Arabic :عجلة
Ojala In Urdu :اضلاع
Ojala In Hindi :ओजला
Ojala In Bangla :ওজালা

Meaning – Persian azerbaijani name meaning star

Oldooz In Arabic :الدوز
Oldooz In Urdu :ولدوز
Oldooz In Hindi :ोलदूज़
Oldooz In Bangla :ওলডোজ

Meaning – One who posses an inspiring and great personality, enjoys having a positive attitude

Omera In Arabic :أمرا
Omera In Urdu :امرا
Omera In Hindi :ोमेरा
Omera In Bangla :ওমেরা

Meaning – Dignified. Onaifa is an Arabic name for girls that means dignified, one who has self-respect. It is the diminutive form of Anifa.

Onaifa In Arabic :عنيفة
Onaifa In Urdu :انفا
Onaifa In Hindi :ोनाइफ़ा
Onaifa In Bangla :অনাঈফা

Meaning – Good Friend and Companion

Onaysa In Arabic :أنيسة
Onaysa In Urdu :انیسہ
Onaysa In Hindi :ोनेसा
Onaysa In Bangla :অন্যায়সা

Meaning – Intelligent, Educated and Intellectual

Oraiba In Arabic :أريبا
Oraiba In Urdu :اریبہ
Oraiba In Hindi :ओरैबा
Oraiba In Bangla :ওরাইবা

Meaning – Female mountain goat.

Orwiya In Arabic :أروي
Orwiya In Urdu :ورویہ
Orwiya In Hindi :ओरविया
Orwiya In Bangla :অরবিয়া

Meaning – Arabic name for girls that means water well, a well that provides drinking water.

Owaria In Arabic :أوريا
Owaria In Urdu :اوریہ
Owaria In Hindi :ोवारिअ
Owaria In Bangla :ওয়ারিয়া

Meaning  – Arabic name for girls that means one who has large eyes, one who has beautiful eyes.

Oyaina In Arabic :عيينة
Oyaina In Urdu :ویانا
Oyaina In Hindi :ओयैना
Oyaina In Bangla :ওয়াইনা

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