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Meaning – Elevated, deligent.

Nahiza In Arabic :نحظى
Nahiza In Urdu :نہیزا
Nahiza In Hindi :नाहिज़ा
Nahiza In Bangla :নাহিজা

Meaning – Naqawah is an Arabic name for girls that means purity, cleanliness.

Naqaawa In Arabic :نقاوة
Naqaawa In Urdu :نقاوا
Naqaawa In Hindi :नकावा
Naqaawa In Bangla :নাকাওয়া

Meaning – Clear, pure, clean, fem. of Naqi.

Naqiya In Arabic :نقية
Naqiya In Urdu :نقیہ
Naqiya In Hindi :नाक़िया
Naqiya In Bangla :নাকিয়া

Meaning – Rosy, fresh, passionate, literally meaning like pomegranate, like pomegranate flower.

Nareen In Arabic :نارين
Nareen In Urdu :نرین
Nareen In Hindi :नारीं
Nareen In Bangla :নারিন

Meaning – Goddess

Narisha In Arabic :نرش
Narisha In Urdu :نعرصہء
Narisha In Hindi :नरिश
Narisha In Bangla :নারিশা

Meaning – Clean, Soft

Narmin In Arabic :نرمين
Narmin In Urdu :نارمن
Narmin In Hindi :नर्मीं
Narmin In Bangla :নারমিন

Meaning – Naroon is a Persian name for girls that means pomegranate tree, pomegranate.

Naroon In Arabic :نار
Naroon In Urdu :نہروں
Naroon In Hindi :नारून
Naroon In Bangla :নারোণ

Meaning – Young woman, young generation, young people.

Nashia In Arabic :ناشئة
Nashia In Urdu :نشہ
Nashia In Hindi :नाशिए
Nashia In Bangla :নাসিয়া

Meaning – Fragrance, perfume, aroma, that which intoxicates

Nashwa In Arabic :نشوة
Nashwa In Urdu :نشوا
Nashwa In Hindi :नाश्वा
Nashwa In Bangla :নাশবা


Meaning – Bird in Arabic

Naurus In Arabic :نورس
Naurus In Urdu :نورس
Naurus In Hindi :नौरुस
Naurus In Bangla :নাউরুস

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