Girl Name M

Meaning – Sanctuary, Refuge, Shelter

Note – It is used 22 times in the Quran

Maawa In Arabic :ماوى
Maawa In Urdu :موا
Maawa In Hindi :मावा
Maawa In Bangla :মাওয়া

Meaning – Successful

Mafazah In Arabic :مفازة
Mafazah In Urdu :مفزہ
Mafazah In Hindi :मफ़ज़ाह
Mafazah In Bangla :মাফাজাহ

Meaning – Fragrance

Meaning of mahek (urdu) is Fragrance and the name in persian means Little beautiful girl, cute beautiful girl.

Mahek In Arabic :محق
Mahek In Urdu :مہک
Mahek In Hindi :महक
Mahek In Bangla :মাহেক

Meaning – Moon-colored, thus meaning beautiful and radiant.

Mahfam In Arabic :محفم
Mahfam In Urdu :مہفام
Mahfam In Hindi :महफाम
Mahfam In Bangla :মাহফাম

Meaning – Fine, subtle, thin, Greatest,related to the moon.

Mahin In Arabic :مهين
Mahin In Urdu :مہیں
Mahin In Hindi :महीन
Mahin In Bangla :মাহিন

Meaning – Skilled, Proficient, Adept, Expert.

Mahira In Arabic :مهيره
Mahira In Urdu :مہرہ
Mahira In Hindi :महिराह
Mahira In Bangla :মাহিরা

Meaning – Persian name for girls that means moon-like, thus meaning beautiful.

Mahsa In Arabic :مهسا
Mahsa In Urdu :ماحسا
Mahsa In Hindi :महसा
Mahsa In Bangla :মাহসা

Meaning – Pretty

Maisha In Arabic :ميشا
Maisha In Urdu :میشا
Maisha In Hindi :मैश
Maisha In Bangla :মাইশা

Meaning – Angels from the plural of Arabic (malak).

Malaika In Arabic :ملائكة
Malaika In Urdu :ملائکہ
Malaika In Hindi :मलाइका
Malaika In Bangla :মালাইকা

Meaning – Maarifah is an Arabic name for girls that means knowledge, awareness.

Marifa In Arabic :مريفه
Marifa In Urdu :ماریفہ
Marifa In Hindi :मारीफः
Marifa In Bangla :মারিফা

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