Girl Name L

Meaning – Glittering.

Laiha In Arabic :لائحة
Laiha In Urdu :لائحہ
Laiha In Hindi :लइहा
Laiha In Bangla :লাইহা

Meaning – Brilliant, lustrous, shining, radiant, Daughter Of Poseidon.

Lamia In Arabic :لميا
Lamia In Urdu :لامہ
Lamia In Hindi :लामिआ
Lamia In Bangla :লামিয়া

Meaning – To be gentle, soft, tender

Lana In Arabic :لنا
Lana In Urdu :لانا
Lana In Hindi :लाना
Lana In Bangla :লানা

Meaning – Faultless, pure, intact.

Laraib In Arabic :لاريب
Laraib In Urdu :لاریب
Laraib In Hindi :लारेब
Laraib In Bangla :লাড়াইব

Meaning – Eloquent, fluent.

Lasnaa In Arabic :لسنا
Lasnaa In Urdu :لسنا
Lasnaa In Hindi :लासना
Lasnaa In Bangla :লাসনা

Meaning – Laveen is a Persian name for girls that is the name of a place near the Western border of Iran.

Laveen In Arabic :لافين
Laveen In Urdu :لویں
Laveen In Hindi :लवीं
Laveen In Bangla :লাভীন

Meaning – The girl who was born to Eve with Abel.

Lawaiza In Arabic :لويزا
Lawaiza In Urdu :لویزہ
Lawaiza In Hindi :लवाइज़ा
Lawaiza In Bangla :লাওইজা

Meaning – Tender

Linah In Arabic :لينه
Linah In Urdu :لانہ
Linah In Hindi :लीनः
Linah In Bangla :লীনাহ

Meaning – Dedicated for Allah.

Liza In Arabic :لذا
Liza In Urdu :لیزا
Liza In Hindi :लिज़ा
Liza In Bangla :লিজা

Meaning – Eye of the light

Lyana In Arabic :لينا
Lyana In Urdu :لینا
Lyana In Hindi :लयाणा
Lyana In Bangla :লিয়ানা

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