Girl Name K

Meaning – This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa (AN).

Kabeesha In Arabic :كبشة
Kabeesha In Urdu :کبیشہ
Kabeesha In Hindi :काबीशा
Kabeesha In Bangla :কাবীসা

Meaning – She was a companion she was the daughter of Sabit bin al-Munzir al-Ansari (AN)

Kabshah In Arabic :كبشة
Kabshah In Urdu :کبشہ
Kabshah In Hindi :काबशाह
Kabshah In Bangla :কাবশাহ

Meaning – This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa

Kaheesha In Arabic :قحشة
Kaheesha In Urdu :کہیشہ
Kaheesha In Hindi :काहीशा
Kaheesha In Bangla :কাহিসা

Meaning – Universe, World

Kainaat In Arabic :كائنات
Kainaat In Urdu :کائنات
Kainaat In Hindi :कायनात
Kainaat In Bangla :কাইনাত

Meaning – Hidden Treasure

Kanza In Arabic :كنزا
Kanza In Urdu :کنزا
Kanza In Hindi :कंजा
Kanza In Bangla :কানজা

Meaning – Daughter of Abu Bakr al-Saqafi, was a narrator of Hadith.

Kaysah In Arabic :كيسه
Kaysah In Urdu :کیسہ
Kaysah In Hindi :केसः
Kaysah In Bangla :কায়সাহ

Meaning – Hidden.

Khani In Arabic :خاني
Khani In Urdu :کہانی
Khani In Hindi :कहानी
Khani In Bangla :খানি

Meaning – Intellect, Samajh, Aqal, Danish

Khirad In Arabic :خرد
Khirad In Urdu :خرد
Khirad In Hindi :ख़िरद
Khirad In Bangla :খিরাদ

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