Girl Name J

Meaning – Prominent

Jaella In Arabic :جالا
Jaella In Urdu :جالا
Jaella In Hindi :जैला
Jaella In Bangla :জাইল্লা

Meaning – River, stream.

Jafeerah In Arabic :جعفريه
Jafeerah In Urdu :جفیرہ
Jafeerah In Hindi :जफीराः
Jafeerah In Bangla :জাফিরাহ

Meaning – Who strives, one who struggles. (on the path of Allah)

Jahda In Arabic :جَهْدَاء
Jahda In Urdu :جہدیٰ
Jahda In Hindi :जेहड़ा
Jahda In Bangla :জাহদা

Meaning – Gourmet (Nafasat pasand)

Jaisha In Arabic :جيشا
Jaisha In Urdu :جیشا
Jaisha In Hindi :जैसा
Jaisha In Bangla :জায়শা

Meaning – Great, exalted, magnificent

Jalila In Arabic :جليلة
Jalila In Urdu :جلیلہ
Jalila In Hindi :जलील
Jalila In Bangla :জালিলা

Meaning – A Beautiful leader.

Jamesha In Arabic :جمشا
Jamesha In Urdu :جمیشہ
Jamesha In Hindi :जामेशा
Jamesha In Bangla :জামেশা

Meaning – Heaven, paradise.

Jannat In Arabic :جنات
Jannat In Urdu :جنّت
Jannat In Hindi :जन्नत
Jannat In Bangla :জান্নাত

Meaning – New, fresh, and figuratively it means young.

Javaneh In Arabic :جفنه
Javaneh In Urdu :جونہ
Javaneh In Hindi :जवनेह
Javaneh In Bangla :যাভানি

Meaning – Jazilah is an Arabic name for girls that means great, majestic.

Jazilah In Arabic :جزيلة
Jazilah In Urdu :جزلہ
Jazilah In Hindi :जाज़ीलः
Jazilah In Bangla :জাজিলাহ

Meaning – Silver Pearl

Jumaana In Arabic :جومانا
Jumaana In Urdu :جمانا
Jumaana In Hindi :जुर्माना
Jumaana In Bangla :জুমানা

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