Girl Name I

Meaning – Pride, sense, disdain.

Iba In Arabic :ابا
Iba In Urdu :اب
Iba In Hindi :िबा
Iba In Bangla :ইবা

Meaning – Wisdom, advice

Ibrah In Arabic :عبره
Ibrah In Urdu :ابراھ
Ibrah In Hindi :इब्राह
Ibrah In Bangla :ইব্রাহ

Meaning – Chastity, modesty, virtuousness. It is used for both boys and girls.

Iffat In Arabic :عفت
Iffat In Urdu :افت
Iffat In Hindi :इफ़्फ़त
Iffat In Bangla :ইফফাত

Meaning – Protective angel

Ifza In Arabic :افز
Ifza In Urdu :افزا
Ifza In Hindi :िफ्ज़े
Ifza In Bangla :ইফজা

Meaning – Faith

Imaan In Arabic :إيمان
Imaan In Urdu :امان
Imaan In Hindi :ईमान
Imaan In Bangla :ঈমান

Meaning – Unique, one of a kind

Imsaal In Arabic :امثال
Imsaal In Urdu :امسال
Imsaal In Hindi :िमसाल
Imsaal In Bangla :ইমসাল

Meaning – Gift of Allah

Inaaya In Arabic :عناية
Inaaya In Urdu :عنای
Inaaya In Hindi :इनाया
Inaaya In Bangla :ইনায়া

Meaning – Sentence, Writing, Essay, Famous poet: Ibn-e-Insha

Insha In Arabic :إنشا
Insha In Urdu :انشا
Insha In Hindi :इंशा
Insha In Bangla :ইনশা

Meaning – Wise, Wisdom and Decisiveness

Irfa In Arabic :عرفة
Irfa In Urdu :عرف
Irfa In Hindi :िर्फ
Irfa In Bangla :ইরফা

Meaning – Night Prayer

Isha In Arabic :عشا
Isha In Urdu :اشا
Isha In Hindi :ईशा
Isha In Bangla :ঈশা

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