Girl Name H

Meaning – Guide to righteousness, calm

Haadiya In Arabic :هادية
Haadiya In Urdu :ہادیہ
Haadiya In Hindi :हाड़िया
Haadiya In Bangla :হাদিয়া

Meaning – Hard as a rock

Haajar In Arabic :هاجر
Haajar In Urdu :ہاجر
Haajar In Hindi :हजार
Haajar In Bangla :হাজার

Meaning – Beloved(female form), darling, sweetheart,Friend.

Habiba In Arabic :حبيبة
Habiba In Urdu :حبیبہ
Habiba In Hindi :हबीबा
Habiba In Bangla :হাবিবা

Meaning – Hadiya, gift, present.

Hadaya In Arabic :هدايا
Hadaya In Urdu :ہدایا
Hadaya In Hindi :हदया
Hadaya In Bangla :হাদায়া

Meaning – Walled garden, Secure

Hadiqa In Arabic :حديقة
Hadiqa In Urdu :حدیقہ
Hadiqa In Hindi :हडिका
Hadiqa In Bangla :হাদিকা

Meaning – Gentle rain

Hafa In Arabic :حافة
Hafa In Urdu :حفا
Hafa In Hindi :हफ़ा
Hafa In Bangla :হাফা

Meaning – Cub, Wife of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.and daughter of Hazrat Umar [ra].

Hafsa In Arabic :حفصة
Hafsa In Urdu :حفصہ
Hafsa In Hindi :हफ्सा
Hafsa In Bangla :হাফসা

Meaning – Slender, slim, of beautiful body, Variant of Arabic Hayfa,.

Haifa In Arabic :هيفا
Haifa In Urdu :حیفہ
Haifa In Hindi :हैफा
Haifa In Bangla :হাইফা

Meaning – Purple or black grape (a fruit – berry)

Hamna In Arabic :همنا
Hamna In Urdu :حمنہ
Hamna In Hindi :हमने
Hamna In Bangla :হামনা

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