Girl Name G

Meaning – Honey.

Gabina In Arabic :جبنة
Gabina In Urdu :گبینا
Gabina In Hindi :गाबिना
Gabina In Bangla :গাবিনা

Meaning – Easy,Beauty, beautiful girl, pretty girl, danseuse.

Ghania In Arabic :غنية
Ghania In Urdu :غنہ
Ghania In Hindi :घणीअ
Ghania In Bangla :ঘানিয়া

Meaning – One who sings, one who chants.

Gharidah In Arabic :غرضه
Gharidah In Urdu :غریدہ
Gharidah In Hindi :गहरीदह
Gharidah In Bangla :ঘাড়িদাহ

Meaning – End goal, aim. 

Ghayat In Arabic :غايات
Ghayat In Urdu :غایت
Ghayat In Hindi :घायत
Ghayat In Bangla :ঘায়াত

Meaning – Odh, poem

Ghazal In Arabic :غزال
Ghazal In Urdu :غزل
Ghazal In Hindi :ग़ज़ल
Ghazal In Bangla :ঘাজাল

Meaning  – Indispensable , song.

Ghunwah In Arabic :غنوه
Ghunwah In Urdu :غنوہ
Ghunwah In Hindi :घूंवह
Ghunwah In Bangla :ঘুনওয়াহ

Meaning – Graceful

Grace In Arabic :جرس
Grace In Urdu :گریس
Grace In Hindi :ग्रेस
Grace In Bangla :গ্রাসি

Meaning – The chosen one

Guzeeda In Arabic :جوزيدا
Guzeeda In Urdu :گزیدہ
Guzeeda In Hindi :गुज़ीदा
Guzeeda In Bangla :গুজেইদা

Meaning – Selecting, Adopting

Guzeena In Arabic :جوزين
Guzeena In Urdu :گزینا
Guzeena In Hindi :गुज़ीना
Guzeena In Bangla :গুজেইনা

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