Girl Name F

Meaning – (Faazilah), Accomplished, virtuous, a female scholer.

Faadilah In Arabic :فاضله
Faadilah In Urdu :فادلہ
Faadilah In Hindi :फाडिलाह
Faadilah In Bangla :ফাদ্বীলাহ

Meaning – Happy, glad, delighted, cheerful, joyful fem. of Farih.

Faariha In Arabic :فارعها
Faariha In Urdu :فریحہ
Faariha In Hindi :फारीः
Faariha In Bangla :ফারিহা

Meaning – Virtuous, honest, excellent, superior, kind, outstanding, eminent, learned fem. of Fazil (fadil).

Faazila In Arabic :فظل
Faazila In Urdu :فاضلا
Faazila In Hindi :फ़ाज़िला
Faazila In Bangla :ফাজিলা

Meaning – Adorned with intellect.

Fahmara In Arabic :فهمرا
Fahmara In Urdu :فہمارا
Fahmara In Hindi :फहरा
Fahmara In Bangla :ফাহমারা

Meaning – Garden

Faihaa In Arabic :فيها
Faihaa In Urdu :فیھا
Faihaa In Hindi :फाईहा
Faihaa In Bangla :ফাইহা

Meaning – Victorious, triumphant, winner, successful, prosperous fem. of Faiz.

Faiza In Arabic :فيزا
Faiza In Urdu :فائزہ
Faiza In Hindi :फ़ैज़ा
Faiza In Bangla :ফাইজা

Meaning – Great success, deliverance, salvation

Falahah In Arabic :فالحه
Falahah In Urdu :فلہہ
Falahah In Hindi :फलाहः
Falahah In Bangla :ফালাহহ

Meaning – Pride of the sky, Falak (sky), Naz (pride)

Falaknaz In Arabic :فالقناز
Falaknaz In Urdu :فلکناز
Falaknaz In Hindi :फलकणज
Falaknaz In Bangla :ফালাকনাজ

Meaning- Cat like, Latin origin

Falina In Arabic :فالعين
Falina In Urdu :فلانا
Falina In Hindi :फलिना
Falina In Bangla :ফালিনা

Meaning – Happiness

Falisha In Arabic :فالعيش
Falisha In Urdu :فلیشا
Falisha In Hindi :फालिश
Falisha In Bangla :ফালিশা

Meaning – Joy

Farah In Arabic :فرح
Farah In Urdu :فرح
Farah In Hindi :फराह
Farah In Bangla :ফারাহ

Meaning – Tall, Towering, Lofty, Slim

Farea In Arabic :فري
Farea In Urdu :فریا
Farea In Hindi :फर्जी
Farea In Bangla :ফারিয়া

Meaning – Glorified

Farin In Arabic :فارين
Farin In Urdu :فارن
Farin In Hindi :फरीन
Farin In Bangla :ফারিন

Meaning – Angel.

Farishta In Arabic :فرشت
Farishta In Urdu :فرشتہ
Farishta In Hindi :फरिश्ता
Farishta In Bangla :ফারিস্তা

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