Girl Names D

Meaning – Guide, Proof

Daleela In Arabic :دليل
Daleela In Urdu :دلیلا
Daleela In Hindi :दलील
Daleela In Bangla :দালীলা

Meaning – Extremely dark, last night of the lunar month.

Dalmaa In Arabic :دلما
Dalmaa In Urdu :دلما
Dalmaa In Hindi :दलमा
Dalmaa In Bangla :ডালমা

Meaning – Big pearl

Danah In Arabic :دانه
Danah In Urdu :دانہ
Danah In Hindi :दानह
Danah In Bangla :দানাহ

Meaning – close, near. The Quran uses Dania it when speaking of the fruits and the shade of the trees of Paradise, saying that the fruit of the trees are close and within reach always.

Dania In Arabic :دَانِيَة
Dania In Urdu :دنیا
Dania In Hindi :दाणीअ
Dania In Bangla :দানিয়া

Meaning – Possessor, sovereign.

Dara In Arabic :دارا
Dara In Urdu :ڈرا
Dara In Hindi :डरा
Dara In Bangla :দারা

Meaning – Bright, shining, pearl-like.

Darakhshan In Arabic :درخشا
Darakhshan In Urdu :درخشاں
Darakhshan In Hindi :दरख्शां
Darakhshan In Bangla :দারাখশান

Meaning Owner, acquirer, figuratively meaning wealthy, blessed. Daria is the name of a king of Persia.

Daria In Arabic :ضارية
Daria In Urdu :دریا
Daria In Hindi :डरिए
Daria In Bangla :দাড়িয়া

Meaning – Obedience, Brocade, Silk.

Deeba In Arabic :ديبا
Deeba In Urdu :دیبا
Deeba In Hindi :दीबा
Deeba In Bangla :দীবা

Meaning – Charming, enticing, captivating. Its literal meaning is capturer/hijacker of the heart.

Origin – Persia

Delbar In Arabic :دلبير
Delbar In Urdu :دلبر
Delbar In Hindi :दिलबर
Delbar In Bangla :দেলবার

Meaning – Vision, sight.

Didar In Arabic :ديدار
Didar In Urdu :دیدار
Didar In Hindi :दीदार
Didar In Bangla :দিদার

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