Girl Name C

Meaning – Pure beauty

Caitlyn In Arabic :ساتلين
Caitlyn In Urdu :کایتلین
Caitlyn In Hindi :कैटलीन
Caitlyn In Bangla :কাইতলীন

Meaning – Fortress, Castle

Cala In Arabic :كلا
Cala In Urdu :کال
Cala In Hindi :कला
Cala In Bangla :কালা

Meaning – Small bridge

Cantara In Arabic :سنتر
Cantara In Urdu :کنٹرا
Cantara In Hindi :संतरा
Cantara In Bangla :কান্তারা

Meaning – Horn

Carna In Arabic :سعرنا
Carna In Urdu :کرنا
Carna In Hindi :करना
Carna In Bangla :কারনা

Meaning – Gracious

Chadia In Arabic :شادية
Chadia In Urdu :چڑیا
Chadia In Hindi :छाड़िअ
Chadia In Bangla :চাদিয়া

Meaning – Look after

Chafia In Arabic :شافية
Chafia In Urdu :چفیہ
Chafia In Hindi :चाफ्या
Chafia In Bangla :ছাফিয়া

Meaning – Tend

Chafika In Arabic :شفيقة
Chafika In Urdu :چفکا
Chafika In Hindi :चाफीका
Chafika In Bangla :ছাফিকা

Meaning – Notoriety

Chahra In Arabic :شهر
Chahra In Urdu :چہرہ
Chahra In Hindi :चेहरा
Chahra In Bangla :চাহরা

Meaning – Chakour grateful

Chakira In Arabic :شاكرة
Chakira In Urdu :چکرا
Chakira In Hindi :चकरा
Chakira In Bangla :চাকিরা

Meaning – Greenery, Garden green path through a forest.

Chaman In Arabic :شامان
Chaman In Urdu :چمن
Chaman In Hindi :चमन
Chaman In Bangla :চামান

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