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Meaning of Baadiyah is Name of a sahabiyyah.

Baadiyah In Arabic :باديه
Baadiyah In Urdu :بادیہ
Baadiyah In Hindi :बादियाः
Baadiyah In Bangla :বাদিয়াহ

Means bouquet, bunch of flowers.

Baaqa In Arabic :باقة
Baaqa In Urdu :باقا
Baaqa In Hindi :बाक़ा
Baaqa In Bangla :বাকা

Meaning – Smiling

Baasima In Arabic :باسمة
Baasima In Urdu :باسمہ
Baasima In Hindi :बासीमा
Baasima In Bangla :বাসিমা

Meaning – Goal, praise, energy, strength.
Badaa is a Arabic Muslim Name

Badaa In Arabic :بداء
Badaa In Urdu :بدا
Badaa In Hindi :बड़ा
Badaa In Bangla :বাদা

Meaning – Paradise, heaven. Figuratively it means beautiful.

Origin – Kurdish

Bahasht In Arabic :بهشت
Bahasht In Urdu :بہشت
Bahasht In Hindi :बहशत
Bahasht In Bangla :বাহাশত

Meaning – White, bright, brilliant, innocent, pure, fem. of Abyaz.

Baiza In Arabic :بيزا
Baiza In Urdu :بیزا
Baiza In Hindi :बैज़ा
Baiza In Bangla :বাইজা

Meaning – Lucky, fortunate.

Bakhtawar In Arabic :بخطور
Bakhtawar In Urdu :بختاور
Bakhtawar In Hindi :बख्तावर
Bakhtawar In Bangla :বাখতাওয়ার

Meaning – Made of honey, like honey.

Origin – Turkish-Persian

Bali In Arabic :بالي
Bali In Urdu :بالی
Bali In Hindi :बलि
Bali In Bangla :বালি

Meaning – NA

Origin – Arab

Balqees In Arabic :بلقيس
Balqees In Urdu :بلقیس
Balqees In Hindi :बिल्क़ीस
Balqees In Bangla :বালকীস

Meaning – Unique, peerless.
Note – Banazir is a variant of the Persian/Urdu/Kurdish

Banazir In Arabic :بنازير
Banazir In Urdu :بنظر
Banazir In Hindi :बेनज़ीर
Banazir In Bangla :বানাজির

Meaning – Lady, Miss, Princess ,gentlewoman,

Bano In Arabic :بنو
Bano In Urdu :بنو
Bano In Hindi :बनो
Bano In Bangla :বানো

Meaning – One who has an extremely white and glowing skin.
Origin – Arab

Baraha In Arabic :براحة
Baraha In Urdu :بارہا
Baraha In Hindi :बारहा
Baraha In Bangla :বারাহা

Meaning – Pious.

Bareerah In Arabic :بريرة
Bareerah In Urdu :بریرہ
Bareerah In Hindi :बारीरः
Bareerah In Bangla :বারীরাহ

Meaning – Rain

Barkha In Arabic :باركها
Barkha In Urdu :برکھا
Barkha In Hindi :बरखा
Barkha In Bangla :বারখা

Meaning – Brave, fearless, intrepid ,Valiant.
Origin – Arab

Basila In Arabic :باسيلى
Basila In Urdu :بسلا
Basila In Hindi :बसिला
Basila In Bangla :বাসিলা

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