Girls Name Z

Meaning – Victorious, Successful

Zaafira In Arabic :ظافرة
Zaafira In Urdu :زعفرا
Zaafira In Hindi :ज़ाफरा
Zaafira In Bangla :জাফিরা

Meaning – Power, Authority, Command, Glory, Honour

Zaamat In Arabic :ذمة
Zaamat In Urdu :زامت
Zaamat In Hindi :जामत
Zaamat In Bangla :জামাত

Meaning – Zaaria is a Kurdish name for girls that means ocean, great sea. It is a variant of Zaria. It may also be spelled as Zaria, Zarya and others.

Zaaria In Arabic :زارا
Zaaria In Urdu :زہرہ
Zaaria In Hindi :जारिए
Zaaria In Bangla :জারিয়া

Meaning – Arabic for with great knowledge, extremely wise.

Zabira In Arabic :زبير
Zabira In Urdu :زبیرا
Zabira In Hindi :जबीरा
Zabira In Bangla :জাবীরা

Meaning – Persian for highest, most sublime.

Zabreen In Arabic :زبر
Zabreen In Urdu :زبریں
Zabreen In Hindi :ज़बरीन
Zabreen In Bangla :জাবরীন

Meaning – Leader

Zaeemah In Arabic :زيمه
Zaeemah In Urdu :زیمہ
Zaeemah In Hindi :ज़ाइमः
Zaeemah In Bangla :জাইমাহ

Meaning of Zafiya is Narrator of Hadith, daughter of Muhammad bin Bisharah.

Zafiya In Arabic :زافي
Zafiya In Urdu :زفیا
Zafiya In Hindi :जाफिया
Zafiya In Bangla :জাফিয়া

Meaning – Victorious, Knowledgable

Zafreen In Arabic :ظافر
Zafreen In Urdu :زفرین
Zafreen In Hindi :ज़ाफ़रीन
Zafreen In Bangla :জাফরীন

Meaning – Sagacious, intelligent, Ingenious, Intellectual.

Zaheen In Arabic :ذحين
Zaheen In Urdu :زہین
Zaheen In Hindi :ज़हीन
Zaheen In Bangla :জাহীন

Meaning – Beautiful. Adorned

Zaiba In Arabic :زيبا
Zaiba In Urdu :زیبا
Zaiba In Hindi :ज़ेबा
Zaiba In Bangla :জাইবা

Meaning – Fem. of Zayn, embellishment, adornment, decoration, ornament ,Beautiful.

Zaina In Arabic :زينة
Zaina In Urdu :زین
Zaina In Hindi :ज़ाइना
Zaina In Bangla :জাইনা

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