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Meaning – Name of a distinguished Sahabi (RA).

Waabisah In Arabic :وابعثه
Waabisah In Urdu :وابیثہ
Waabisah In Hindi :वाबीसह
Waabisah In Bangla :ওয়াবিসাহ

Meaning – Waafiyah is an Arabic name for girls that means loyal, faithful. It also means whole, complete, perfect.

Waafiyah In Arabic :وافيه
Waafiyah In Urdu :وافیہ
Waafiyah In Hindi :वाफियाह
Waafiyah In Bangla :ওয়াফিয়াহ

Meaning – Giver, generous.

Waahibah In Arabic :واحبه
Waahibah In Urdu :واہیبہ
Waahibah In Hindi :वाहिबह
Waahibah In Bangla :ওয়াহিবাহ


Waaizhah In Arabic :وازهة
Waaizhah In Urdu :وایزھہ
Waaizhah In Hindi :वाइज़हाह
Waaizhah In Bangla :ওয়াইজহাহ

Meaning – The female Governor, she who directs, manages, conducts, governs, measures.

Waaliyah In Arabic :واليه
Waaliyah In Urdu :والیہ
Waaliyah In Hindi :वालियाः
Waaliyah In Bangla :ওয়ালিয়াহ

Meaning – Something Bright

Wabisa In Arabic :وبس
Wabisa In Urdu :وابیسا
Wabisa In Hindi :वबीसा
Wabisa In Bangla :ওবিসা

Meaning – Clan, tribe. It also means one who takes refuge.

Waelah In Arabic :وله
Waelah In Urdu :ولہ
Waelah In Hindi :वेलाह
Waelah In Bangla :ওয়াইলাহ

Meaning – Faithfulness, fidelity

Wafa In Arabic :وفا
Wafa In Urdu :وفا
Wafa In Hindi :वफ़ा
Wafa In Bangla :ওয়াফা

Meaning – Accord, harmony, agreement.

Wafqah In Arabic :وفقه
Wafqah In Urdu :وفقہ
Wafqah In Hindi :वफकाह
Wafqah In Bangla :ওয়াফকাহ

Meaning – Gift of Allah (SWT)

Wania In Arabic :وانا
Wania In Urdu :وانا
Wania In Hindi :वणिआ
Wania In Bangla :ওয়ানিয়া

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