Girl Name T

Meaning – Repentant

Taaiba In Arabic :طابا
Taaiba In Urdu :طیبہ
Taaiba In Hindi :तैबा
Taaiba In Bangla :তাইবা

Meaning – Fortunate

Taalea In Arabic :تالي
Taalea In Urdu :تالا
Taalea In Hindi :ताला
Taalea In Bangla :তালেয়া

Meaning – Clean

Taba In Arabic :طابا
Taba In Urdu :تب
Taba In Hindi :तबा
Taba In Bangla :তাবা

Meaning – Followers, those who believe, fans.

Tabeen In Arabic :تبين
Tabeen In Urdu :تبین
Tabeen In Hindi :ताबीन
Tabeen In Bangla :তাবীন

Meaning – Tabiah is an Arabic name for girls that means follower, successor.

Tabiah In Arabic :تبيه
Tabiah In Urdu :تباہ
Tabiah In Hindi :ताबिआह
Tabiah In Bangla :তাবিয়াহ

Meaning – Wish, Desire

Tamanna In Arabic :تمنى
Tamanna In Urdu :تمنّ
Tamanna In Hindi :तमन्ना
Tamanna In Bangla :তামান্না

Meaning – Dignity, Gravity

Tamkeen In Arabic :تمكين
Tamkeen In Urdu :تمکین
Tamkeen In Hindi :तमकीन
Tamkeen In Bangla :তামকীন

Meaning – Happiness

Tanisha In Arabic :تنشا
Tanisha In Urdu :تنیشا
Tanisha In Hindi :तनीषा
Tanisha In Bangla :তানিশা

Meaning – Singing.

Tarannum In Arabic :ترنم
Tarannum In Urdu :ترنّم
Tarannum In Hindi :तरन्नुम
Tarannum In Bangla :তারান্নুম

Meaning – One who is active, lively

Tisha In Arabic :تعيش
Tisha In Urdu :تشہ
Tisha In Hindi :तिशा
Tisha In Bangla :তিশা

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