Girl Name S

Meaning – Flower

Saaleha In Arabic :صالحة
Saaleha In Urdu :سالہا
Saaleha In Hindi :सालेहा
Saaleha In Bangla :সালেহা

Meaning – Previous, last.

Saalifah In Arabic :سالفه
Saalifah In Urdu :سالیفه
Saalifah In Hindi :सालिफः
Saalifah In Bangla :সালিফাহ

Meaning – Cool breeze of the morning

Sabeen In Arabic :سابين
Sabeen In Urdu :سبین
Sabeen In Hindi :सबीन
Sabeen In Bangla :সাবিন

Meaning – Pretty, beautiful, graceful, radiant, fem. of Sabah.

Sabha In Arabic :صبحى
Sabha In Urdu :سبھا
Sabha In Hindi :सभा
Sabha In Bangla :সাবহা

Meaning – Pure, chaste.

Sabooha In Arabic :صبوحة
Sabooha In Urdu :سبوہا
Sabooha In Hindi :सबुहा
Sabooha In Bangla :সাবওহা

Meaning – Patience, endurance

Sabreen In Arabic :صابرين
Sabreen In Urdu :صابرین
Sabreen In Hindi :सबरीन
Sabreen In Bangla :সাবরীন

Meaning – Friendship, purity, love, company.

Safa In Arabic :صفا
Safa In Urdu :صفا
Safa In Hindi :साफा
Safa In Bangla :সাফা

Meaning – Ship, A boat (Safeenah), Name of a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Muhammad bin Fadl (men are also so named)

Safeena In Arabic :سفينة
Safeena In Urdu :سفینہ
Safeena In Hindi :सफीना
Safeena In Bangla :সাফিনা

Meaning – Exalted.

Safoor In Arabic :سفور
Safoor In Urdu :صفور
Safoor In Hindi :साफूर
Safoor In Bangla :সাফুর

Meaning – Pure Love.

Safreen In Arabic :صفرين
Safreen In Urdu :سفرین
Safreen In Hindi :सफरीन
Safreen In Bangla :সাফরিন

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