Girl Name R

Meaning – Name of Residing peacefully, Name of a Sahabiyyah(RA), Name of a saint who is known as Rabiah Basriyyah.

Raabia In Arabic :رابية
Raabia In Urdu :رابعہ
Raabia In Hindi :राबिआ
Raabia In Bangla :রাবিয়া

Meaning – High, exalted, wealthy.

Raafiah In Arabic :رافعه
Raafiah In Urdu :رافعہ
Raafiah In Hindi :राफा
Raafiah In Bangla :রাফিয়াহ

Meaning – Beautiful princess, pretty priness.

Raaina In Arabic :راينا
Raaina In Urdu :رائنا
Raaina In Hindi :रैना
Raaina In Bangla :রাইনা

Meaning – Obedient

Raameen In Arabic :رامين
Raameen In Urdu :رامین
Raameen In Hindi :रामीन
Raameen In Bangla :রামিন

Meaning – Transmitter (of ancient Arabic poetry)

Raawiya In Arabic :راوية
Raawiya In Urdu :رویہ
Raawiya In Hindi :राविया
Raawiya In Bangla :রাওইয়া

Meaning – A veil of flowers

Rabail In Arabic :ربل
Rabail In Urdu :رابیل
Rabail In Hindi :रबाइल
Rabail In Bangla :রাবাঈল

Meaning – Delicate, fine

Rahaf In Arabic :رهف
Rahaf In Urdu :رہاف
Rahaf In Hindi :रहफ
Rahaf In Bangla :রাহাফ

Meaning – Mercy

Rahma In Arabic :رحمة
Rahma In Urdu :رحم
Rahma In Hindi :रह्मा
Rahma In Bangla :রাহমা

Meaning – Firm, steady, Steadfast,Respected,Helpful, fem. of Rakin.

Rakina In Arabic :رقينا
Rakina In Urdu :رکنا
Rakina In Hindi :रकिना
Rakina In Bangla :রাকিনা

Meaning – To recite in a sing song voice

Raneem In Arabic :رنيم
Raneem In Urdu :رنیم
Raneem In Hindi :रानीम
Raneem In Bangla :রানীম

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